HighlandMusic Pros Audio and Production


Highland Music Pros is not just a recording studio, we also carry ourselves with the title of an Indie record label & music consultation company, based in Hyattsville, Maryland.  Our company is operated by a community of artists, songwriters, managers, producers, and entrepreneurs.

Our company is based on a solid foundation of people who understands how difficult in can be when you are an unsigned talent.  Of course, this includes the additional costs that major studios charge for their services.  We enjoy helping unsigned talent develop establish their own unique sound and assist with the delivery of solid products to their fans. 


Highland Music Pros launched in 2017 and is still going strong.  To learn more about us, please give us a call or email us...  "Do not let your next hit song sit on the shelf and collect dust".  Please know, we don't sell dreams, we help you deliver them...



We are very supportive of great talents that cross our paths.  We have tons of rap beats in our arsenal...such as Trap, Rap, and Hip-hop.  HMP also produces R&B, Jazz, Funk, and Pop songs...  After reading this, keep us in mind if you are in need of assistance with completion of your next project(s).  To contact us, please give us a call using the 800 number located at the bottom of our pages or drop us a line using our contact page, which is found under the "News" tab at the top of our website.


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